1597 Sawnee Drive Cumming, GA 30040 |770-887-2428
Worship Times:   9:30am & 11:00am    

The Church That Gives Itself Away!
Philippians 2:5-11

9:30 AM

The Branches – Room 321-A

30s & up
GROUP LEADERS: Matt Turner & Sam Mann

Abundance – Room 324
30’s to 50’s
GROUP LEADERS: Cindy Hansard

On Mission – Room 211
Any Age Adult
GROUP LEADERS: Rick & Nancy Forbus, Rick & Cooky Kuter

Bible Explorers – Room 302
Any Age Adult
GROUP LEADERS: Mark & Julie Boyd

Genesis – Room 329
Any Age Adult

Unity – Room 208
Any Age Adult
GROUP LEADERS: Joyce Kuykendall

Adoration – Room 210
50+ Single
GROUP LEADERS: Dr. Shannon Mize, Cathy Peeler

Iron Men (Prov 27:17)  – Room 348
Men any age
GROUP LEADERS: Tom McDonald, others

Ruth – Room 324-A
Ladies any age

Harmony – Room 213
Ladies any age
GROUP LEADERS: Myra Holland, Gail Ingram

Gleaners – Room 209
Ladies 70+
GROUP LEADERS: Teresa Banker

NEW GROUP! – Kicks Off Sept 9  – Room 346
40s to 60s
GROUP LEADERS: Multiple Leaders

Lost & Found – Room 349   
Senior Adults
GROUP LEADERS: Bruce Shanks, Jim Strietelmeier, Robert May

Agape – Room 323
Senior Adults
GROUP LEADERS: Vernon Sisk, Shep Averitt

Salt & Shakers – Room 322
Senior Adults
GROUP LEADERS: Bill McIver, Dennis Paschedag

Welcome – Room 206
Senior Adults
GROUP LEADERS: Al Eagan, Larry Collins, Jim Dwiggins

11:00 AM

College – The Porch
College Students
GROUP LEADERS: Kyle Connell, Craig Freeberg

Young Professionals – Room 324-B
Singles or Couples, Ages 22—35
GROUP LEADERS: Michael Blair, Chris Roberts

Raising Disciples – Room 347
Parents of Infants & Preschoolers
GROUP LEADERS: Mark Gregory, and others

Marriage Builders – Room 349
30’s & 40’s
GROUP LEADERS: Ben Jones, Stephen Patrick, Bobby Wilson

Courageous Parenting – Room 322
30’s & 40’s
GROUP LEADERS: Travis Billingsley, others

Impact – Room 321B
30’s to 50’s
GROUP LEADERS: Jason Turner, Rick Barnett

Solid Family Foundations – Room 346 
30’s to 50’s
GROUP LEADERS: Royce Owens, and others

Home Builders – Room 323
30’s to 50’s
GROUP LEADERS: Michael Howard, Chris Stovall

Ladies S.O.S. (Single on Sunday)Room 324A
Ladies 30 – 50
GROUP LEADERS: Erin Wilkins, Karen Isbell, April Challand

The Why Files – Room 303
35 to 50’s
GROUP LEADERS: Jeff Arnette, Curtis Eggleston

Single Purposed – Room 212 
35—55 Singles
GROUP LEADERS: Sylvia & Jim Gibson

Sojourners – Room 206
Any Age Adult

Hear & Do – Room 208
Any Age Adult
GROUP LEADERS: Becky & Greg Smith, others

Life Application– Room 328
Any Age Adult
GROUP LEADERS: Tim Meanor, Lynn Wilson, Jim Andrews

Empty Nesters – Room 321-A
Empty Nesters
GROUP LEADERS: Tracy Ward, Keith Martin, Others

Advocates – Room 325
GROUP LEADERS: James Smith, Joe Roberts, others